The Brink Group is a company where people who like challenges and career opportunities will feel at home. Our roots are entrepreneurial, which means results are at least as important as organizational processes. We are an open and communicative, “no nonsense” company where we give our leaders far-reaching financial and operational responsibility, and where we expect from all Brink co-workers a commitment to performance goals and objectives. Our leaders are expected to handle uncertain situations, use open and honest communication, show passion for their work and promote execution through clear target setting.

For most of our employees, working for the Brink Group is more than just a job. Our employees live active lives; biking, running, hiking, sailing, camping, etc.-both on their own and often with colleagues through events supported by the Brink Group.

Core Values

We believe our brands are the most valuable assets we have as a company, but we are equally convinced that we can only maintain and grow their value in the market if everybody in our staff, in the best possible way, acts as ambassador for our brands. We strive to have all employees passionately devoted to our brand and have them understand the fundamentals of what our brands stand for and what kind of company we are, translating this thinking into our guiding principles:

Smart Solutions

Our products are innovative, user-friendly, safe, stylish, and are made from the highest quality material.

Shared Passions

This expresses the relationship we want to have with our consumers and the world around us. We understand our consumer’s needs because we are consumers too. We listen to our core users and develop trust through our products, passion, and services.

Active Life

Products from the Brink Group make it easier for people to explore the freedoms of an active life. We share this passion with our consumers and this is reflected in all that we do.

Open positions