Our environmental ambition

At Brink Group, we want to conduct our business with as little impact on the environment as possible. Not only are we convinced that this is the right thing to do, but our entire existence as a company depends on our employees, customers, and consumers being able to enjoy an active lifestyle in a healthy outdoor environment.

To better focus and capture our various efforts supporting our environmental ambition, we have organized this into five focus areas:


Brink Group is an industry leader when it comes to product design and innovation. Right from the early design stages we explore methods to reduce the impact our products will have on the environment over their lifetime. From design and materials, to manufacturing, function, repair and recycling – all of these elements come into play.


Energy powers everything we do – from the lights and computers in offices, to the robot welding equipment and forklifts at our plants. We are focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume and making more of that energy renewable.


Brink Group focusses on reducing water consumption, primarily in manufacturing, but also in our offices. We promote closed loop processes to ensure our wastewater is having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Waste and recycling

In addition to reducing physical waste as a by-product of manufacturing, we recycle and improve the handling of waste in our other operations.

Responsible sourcing and logistics

Our efforts go backward to our suppliers and forward to our customers. We carefully select and monitor the sourcing and logistics chain with a focus on smart and logical solutions. By being open and clear about our actions and ambitions we aim to improve further in the future.

Supply Chain Ethics

Brink Group has manufacturing locations in the Netherlands, France, South Africa and Thailand, but, in addition, engages several parts and material suppliers in a global environment. Responsible sourcing is one of our focus areas and guides our behavior as a company wherever we do business. This to secure we uphold our social responsibility.

Our Brink Group Code of Conduct outlines what principles we apply in business, but also describes basic principles that apply to our general values with regard to how we act and behave in our relationships with customers, suppliers, employees etc.

The Brink Group Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the requirements that any supplier must fulfil to meet the values of Brink Group. The ethical standards and requirements for our suppliers are based on international standards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and include the areas of human rights, safe and healthy working conditions, fair employment conditions and environmental requirements.