Social Contribution

The Brink Group’s engagement in activities around social contribution touches many aspects of the business including the development of employees and a constructive social commitment.

Since 2012 Brink Group has built up a relationship with the Mackay school in the Netherlands; a school for children with learning disabilities. It started by utilizing our technical expertise to help the school with practical items and by donating materials and equipment. The level of engagement has developed since the Brink Group and school staff is getting to know each other, leading to new opportunities, inspiring cooperation areas and enabling several students from Mackay to get some working experience within our company under the warm guidance of several enthusiastic colleagues.

In the summer of 2013 Employees from Brink Group and the school made an extraordinary performance by cycling the difficult ascent of Mont Ventoux in France three times to collect money for the school partnership, followed by an even tougher tour in 2014 cycling the ‘Marmotte’, known as the heaviest heat in the famous tour the France.
By now we have been able to expand our cooperation to additional schools in the region for the same targetgroup and explore the possibilities to involve more companies to free student places for this wonderful targetgroup.
Even more initiatives are conducted in the proximity of our entities in France and South Africa.